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Attendees also learn server-side coding using ASP.NET Core Web APIs and SignalR to provide data for their Blazor WebAssembly applications. Enhance user experience by implementing client-side validation. This provides immediate feedback on input forms before submitting data to the server.

Silverlight Just Won’t Die: ‘XAML for Blazor’ Arrives – Visual Studio Magazine

Silverlight Just Won’t Die: ‘XAML for Blazor’ Arrives.

Posted: Thu, 13 Jul 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Profiling and diagnostics are crucial for maintaining the performance, health, and reliability of .NET applications. Whether you’re trying to find a memory leak, optimize CPU usage, or understand the behavior of your application .net razor developer under load, .NET provides a suite of tools and libraries to assist. A solid understanding of application architecture and design patterns is crucial for building scalable, maintainable, and testable .NET applications.

Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP)

When working with related data, you can include navigation properties in your models and use methods like Include and ThenInclude to fetch related records. Razor Pages utilize data annotations for validation that are automatically enforced upon form submission. Upon submission, the form data is bound to the Page Model properties marked with BindProperty.

  • Model validation in Razor Pages is enforced through data annotations on your model properties.
  • Start with looking for .NET developers who are well-versed in database technologies such as MySQL, Microsoft Cosmos DB, and Microsoft SQL server.
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  • Many developers acquire the necessary skills through self-study, coding boot camps, online courses, or practical experience.
  • An insight into the interaction of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with .NET applications leads to dynamic and interactive interfaces.
  • This course provides an in-depth overview of Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly for building interactive client-side web applications with .NET.

ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core are essential technologies Microsoft provides for developing web applications on the .NET platform. Now, let us explore the key aspects of web development using these frameworks. The .NET Ecosystem is vast and constantly evolving, with new tools, frameworks, and libraries emerging regularly to help developers develop different applications.

Fundamentals of Software Engineering

Microsoft continuously releases updates and progress, and staying informed will keep your skills relevant. Cryptography and data protection are vital in securing sensitive data and ensuring data integrity. Integration testing is the process of testing interactions between integrated units or components to detect any interfacing issues.

how to become a .net razor developer

On top of it, some additional skills that employers demand are OOD, Agile, multi-threading, performance tuning, good code organization skills, and design patterns. If you are all about experimenting with platforms, and development types while creating applications, .NET is the place you are looking for. A company as an employer plays a key role in deciding the average dot net developer salary in India. It is probable that working at the top tier companies of India, not only will you have exposure to great opportunities and learning, but, also a better salary structure as well. Therefore, it is one of the most crucial and in-demand skills for a dot net developer to acquire. A basic understanding of its working and fundamentals would be to the developer’s advantage.

User-Friendly Error Pages

Podcasts and webinars have enabled you to stay on top of the latest .NET developments even while on the go. It’s a great way to learn from industry experts, expand your knowledge, and optimize your time. Packed with features that resonate with developers’ real-world needs, Visual Studio 17.8 is a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to innovation and community feedback. It’s not just another update; it’s a reimagining of what a development environment can be. This version, fully compatible with .NET 8, brings to the table a mix of productivity enhancements, language improvements, and enterprise capabilities.

how to become a .net razor developer

It is an understood fact that the salary is affected by the years of your work experience. Experience in the job profile you are applying for emphasize your knowledge about the industry, about the role and your achievements over the years. A dot net developer, therefore, sometimes gets confused and overwhelmed about the .net developer skills. Front-end focuses on the visual functionality and appearance that the user can interact with.

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The .NET platform has a substantial user base and is widely used in enterprise-level applications. Its versatility and cross-platform capabilities open opportunities in various industries, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. The demand for skilled .NET developers will likely remain strong as technology advances (3).